Losing weight, Enjoyably

Any of these resonate with you?

You want to lose weight

You're done with fad nonsense

You want clarity around food choices

And you want no BS education.

I wanted ALL of these, and that's why I built this course. It's designed to be easy to use and fun to do. Think education and entertainment that empowers you to make the right choices for you!

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Full list of modules below

  • Introduction
  • About you and your why (7 modules)
  • The big picture (7 modules)
  • Calories and getting lean (16 modules)
  • Cooking and shopping (6 modules)
  • Challenges you may encounter (13 modules)
  • 35 short videos, 7 quick worksheets, Label reading guidelines, and much more!

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Working with Adam has been brilliant. I already had a good knowledge of nutrition from reading but Adam has educated me and empowered me to make even better decisions for my health.

Adam gives over and above and really cares about you getting the best results.

Whether it's better energy levels, losing weight or something else work with Adam if you want to feel your very best.

- Clare Downham

I reached out to Adam a while back as I was struggling to get control of my health and weight. I'm self employed and work a very busy schedule and never made time for myself. It was takeout after takeout and I was skipping every gym session due to feeling tired and lethargic. Adam, Beth and the team have been great. They found quick and easy alternatives for my favourite foods all the while educating me on my dietary choices. It's a different spin on a lot of thing that we think we know. I often challenged Adam as what he said didn't fit with what I'd heard but sure enough Adam explained things in detail then backed them up with links to factual and scientific resources. My fat has dropped substantially (5% so far), I'm healthier now than I have been in years and my energy levels are much greater. Would I recommend Intelligent Eating? ABSOLUTELY!

- Danny Davies

Simply put the experience with Adam is life changing. Adam is very knowledgeable and has a very good understanding of people. I came to Intelligent Eating pretty desperate to save the health of my family after having lost my mum earlier in the year and later having my first child. We were overweight, tired, stressed and had a number of diet related illnesses. I never expected I would learn so much about my relationship with food and fall back in love with cooking. This experience has been enjoyable and brought my cholesterol down, I've lost 10 kg, my mind is sharp And my body feels clean. what's even better is I've managed to continue to make intelligent food choices because im no longer eating out of ignorance or comfort. Thank you Adam you have literally give my family at least another 10 years together

- Katie Murray

Intelligent Eating helped guide and educate me to heal health issues I had. In the time we worked together I lowered my cholesterol and HbA1c, reduced my blood pressure amd reversed my non alcoholic fatty liver disease. I also lost 70lbs. I'm in the process of launching a law suit against Adam as I now have to buy an entire new wardrobe!!! If you have a health concern, or want to lose weight. I'd highly recommend buying this right now from Mr Stevens!

- Ben Edgson

I worked with Adam during the summer of 2017. His knowledge is second to none, his advice is superb and his approach is brilliant. I reduced both my weight and my cholesterol level in just six weeks, I never felt as though I was missing out and I learnt a lot in the process. Awesome.

- Jo Howarth

Adam helped me lose weight and inches - through informed, sensible and *sustainable* eating choices - without ever needing to count calories or work out fat percentages! Thanks Adam! Sian

- Sian Roswell

I was sunbathing on a beach in Mexico on holiday, when I first sent Adam a message, said something like please help, I was neatly hitting 20 stone, through his work and re-education on my food, I am now 14 and a half stone, it took a while and had re focus, I am now back to my teenage weight.

- John Leonard

Adam is extremely knowledgable, and his clear, straightforward advice is easy to follow.

- Sarah Short


Your Instructor

Adam Stevens
Adam Stevens

Intelligent Eating solves health problems - that's why I started it.

It wasn't a case of thinking, I'll just do what others are doing - it was a case of 'there has to be a better way'. And there is, and this is it.

Here we are in 2021, I've spoken in front of audiences across two continents, the flagship Whole Foods store in London to 153 people when I had no commercial motive whatsoever. Invited to a deliver a TEDx talk about my work - again, for no financial gain, the only reason my work isn't free is because it's what I do and all I do, just that, like you - I have bills to pay and that's it.

A massive percentage of the income Intelligent Eating generates goes into research be it attending conferences, purchasing medical studies and finding out the truth so I can make your life easier and happier.

My background isn't so simple, I had open heart surgery as a baby when my heart was the size of a strawberry - I'm very lucky to be here.

I wanted to be an anaesthetist for a long time; I found it fascinating how such a skilled balance of life and death could be achieved - my career could have been putting people to sleep essentially, now I spend my time waking people up and I love it.

The true inspiration behind Intelligent Eating came from the sudden death of my stepfather of 22 years - I knew there had to be a better way of approaching health.

Sat one afternoon, with my widowed mother, Intelligent Eating was born.

I tell the story in the TEDx talk - it's here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X66vNd-N33s&

I haven't always been slim either, far from it - look:

You can see it, it wasn't a quick fix - even at the Whole Foods talk my knowledge was growing faster than I was shrinking... have a look - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPPwbcMcjT4&

Genuinely, I want you to achieve what I have, happiness with your weight. I'm accessible - feel free to contact me , [email protected]

Appreciate you reading about me,

Adam :-)

Course Curriculum

  Introduction to losing weight enjoyably
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
It starts whenever you want it to, just enroll and you've got instant lifetime access. It doesn't 'finish' but it will evolve as trends do - the intention being to keep you in the know.
Why is the price so low?
It's simple. Accessibility. I want this to be for anyone who has struggled or is struggling with their weight. Will it increase in the future, maybe, but for now it's here for you.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Contact me - [email protected] and let me know. I'll do what I can to help. I want you to be happy. Thousands of positive reviews and success stories reflect this. I care, I give a sh1t.

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